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The Tea Party Explained

Soldier's Dog Mourns His Loss

When man's best friend looses his friend.

Our History Conservative Style

Holy crap, this has got to be the lamest thing I've seen in a long time. Thanks to some conservative nutcases for putting this together.

Chicken Harvesting


Seattle Voters Approve Tunnel

It's not often that I actually agree with the majority of voters (elected Bush twice) but for Seattle voters have done something useful, they approved the tunnel.

In Seattle there has been a debate going on for months, with the already approved tunnel to replace the aging eyesore of a bridge that runs along the city. The mayor has been ranting about his opposition since prior to his election and since. He would rather not spend the money. But voters have said via a referendum to build the tunnel. Yes it's going to be expensive, but it will make Seattle a better more beautiful city to live it. It will move cars from the streets to the underground, cutting noise and beautifying the city.

So good job Seattleites.

Read more on the Seattle Times…

Tell Congress to Investigate Rupert Murdoch

Sign the petition here...

The Human Fingerprints on Climate Change


Hard to Pay for Gas

I was driving back from eastern to western Washington this last weekend, and the drive usually involves a stop in Ellensburg to refill on gas. Within about a mile off the exit is a long line of gas stations and fast food restaurants for the hungry to stop and fill up on.

I usually pass the first couple gas stations off the exit as they are more expensive and have a line of people waiting for the pump. Instead I decided to stop at an Exxon. Pulling into the station I notice that it is not possible to pay at the pump. That's fine, I think, I have some cash in my pocket.

Where I stop however there are three pumps, each labeled differently so it's not clear which one is regular unleaded. The one I think is unleaded has a premium sign on it, but on top of that is a sign that says regular. I assume that it was changed to regular, and so I go inside to pay, and tell her to put $20 dollars on "the one that is unleaded. I think that is number 2." She informs me that the one…

U.K. Riots and Human Nature

I often have this debate with people as to whether or no people are inherently good or bad. I'm usually arguing that we are inherently bad, and that is why we invented religion and have laws that punish us for doing bad things. Of course most people disagree with me, as they would like to assume the human race is better than it really is.

Well just read a few stories on the riots going on in the U.K. And ask yourself who seems more right now?

Cherry Picking The Climate

Worst Congress Ever Sets Record

I can't get over people in this country sometimes. They vote a bunch of extremist, right-wing, tea-bagging, conservatives into office, then they disapprove of the job those people are doing.
A new CBS/New York Times poll has a record 82% disapproval rate of the current congress. No kidding! So America, you vote the party of no into control of the house of representatives, who are lead by a minority of nutcases and talk show hosts, and now you disapprove of them?!?!

Good job America and having absolutely no forethought an blaming others for doing what you voted them to do, only to realize that was the wrong choice. And this is why the country as a whole is getting dumber.

Phonebook From Porch to Recycling

Thanks for the phone book Dex, even though I don't actually have a home phone, I sure appreciate it. This way I get to come home and find this. 

Which is walked to the garage and deposited into this.

Killing about million trees each year, not to mention the environmental impact of making, delivering, and recycling each year. Yet somehow, I still don't have an option to opt-out of receiving it.