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Worst Congress Ever Sets Record

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I can't get over people in this country sometimes. They vote a bunch of extremist, right-wing, tea-bagging, conservatives into office, then they disapprove of the job those people are doing.
A new CBS/New York Times poll has a record 82% disapproval rate of the current congress. No kidding! So America, you vote the party of no into control of the house of representatives, who are lead by a minority of nutcases and talk show hosts, and now you disapprove of them?!?!

Good job America and having absolutely no forethought an blaming others for doing what you voted them to do, only to realize that was the wrong choice. And this is why the country as a whole is getting dumber.


davey baby said…
Tea-bagging used to be such fun. You go to the bar, get smashed and pay 20 bucks to some faceless 22 year old hottie to bounce his sweaty 22 year old balls off your forehead. repeatedly. Which action caused his sweaty 22 year old willy to bounce repeatedly off the top of your head.
(sigh) good times.

That damned Republican party is ruining the environment, our economy and some of my most treasured memories.
MGD said…
Yeah, now instead of thinking about 22 year old balls it’s the balls on an angry overweight white man. If he tried it, his belly would also be bouncing on the top of your head.