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Christmas Airline Drama

This is a little long but then again so were my flights....

Departed US Airways 6:30 AM To Philadelphia arriving at 2:33 PM. Hung out at the airport for a few hours waiting for my flight. They announce that they are looking for people to bump and that they will be putting them on a 9:00 AM flight the next morning. With my connections I would not be able to do that so if say if you have an earlier one that I could bump to I would. They have an 8:00 AM flight. This would only give me 10 minutes to get from one plane to another but since my luggage had already been loaded and would be waiting I decided to risk it, plus I have a plan. That night they put me up in a Sheraton Suites and give me a voucher for a round trip ticket anywhere in the US. I go to bed with a little worry about the next day. I wake up at 4:30 and get to the airport at 5:00 with my “plan”. I look at the flight schedule and see there is a 7:45 flight. This would give me 25 minutes to catch my new flight, which should be plenty of time. I talk to the guy at the counter and give him the story about my time constraints asking him if there is room on the 7:45 flight. He said he could get me an ever better flight leaving at 6:45 with American Airlines. At this point things are looking good. I get on the 6:45 flight and wait. The plane pulls out then back. The captain comes on and we wait. Around 8:00 they cancel the flight. There is no way I can make my connections at this point but since it’s the airlines fault I figure they should still be able to get me to my final destination. I come to find out this is not true. Since my flight was originally with US Airways they have little willingness to help me. They have flights that go to Puerto Rico then Curacao but they only agree to get me as far as Aruba and that’s all. And I was even being nice to the lady behind the counter, I guess I should have yelled. The offer no help with Dutch Caribbean. Even worse the flight they reschedule me on goes from Philadelphia to Miami on to Aruba with no stops in Puerto Rico. And they give me a $10.00 voucher for lunch. I get on my Miami flight and arrive in Aruba at 9:00 PM. I talk to the person at the counter and hope they can help me out, which they do. They put me on the 9:45 PM flight to Curacao. The plane gets delayed to 1:00 AM. Around 1:00 AM there is no plain and no Dutch Caribbean employees to talk to. There are thirty other people sitting waiting with me. An announcement comes on but since I don’t speak the language I am unable to understand but a large number of the people waiting get up and walk to another terminal, I decided to follow. Apparently the plane was delayed till 2:30 and moved. Around 3:30 AM I arrive at my final destination Curacao after two days of travel.