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A Free Year Of MSN Not Worth It.

When I purchased my computer it came with a free year of MSN. The service itself was almost not worth the no cost. Multiple times during that year I thought about canceling. I would like to tell you what happened after I canceled my service approximately 1 year and 1 month after starting it.

I received an e-mail stating that I had a balance owing of $21.95 and that I would need to go to a web site to update my credit card information, it had expired. I logged on and went to update my information. Since my account was canceled it would not let me update my credit card. I e-mailed MSN customer service stating that I could not update my credit card and requested they mail me a bill. I received a reply stating that they could not and the only way I could pay my bill was with a credit card. I e-mail back once again saying, I could not update my information on the web site, then how?
The response was to call 1-800-386-5550. I did as instructed and called. I asked if I could just pay my bill over the phone and was told the only way they could take a payment was to reinstate my service and update my credit card. I asked, “If you reinstate my service then I will be billed for something I’m not using?” The answer was yes. I did not want to pay for something I’m not using.
She told me to call 1-877-396-2798. I asked if she could transfer me and the answer was no, as they do not have the ability to transfer. I called the number she gave me and received the accounts receivable department. I asked if he could mail me a bill? The answer was no. I asked if he could take a payment over the phone? The answer was no. In fact he was surprised that I was told to call him, because the first person should have been able to help me.
He told me to call 1-800-632-0162 and guaranteed me that they would be able to take a payment. And of course he could not transfer me. So I did as instructed and called the third number. Now as you can guess, she was also not able to process my simple request of giving them money. She was also shocked that the accounts receivable person was not able to assist me, as that was his job. She did however process an escalation request and someone was supposed to contact me by the end of the week. I asked, “is this person going to be able to take a payment?” She did not know but guaranteed me that I would be contacted.
After getting off the phone with her I decided to give accounts receivable one more try. I called and spoke with a lady who once again I told my story to. She did not ask for my account information but did put me on hold. A few seconds later I was speaking with someone else, apparently she is the only person in that company with the ability to transfer calls.
The last person I spoke with, once again heard my story, put me on hold, then came back asking for my credit card information. I could not understand how he was the only person able to take a payment, but he did assure me that it was taken care of. I asked him if I could get a confirmation number? He had nothing to give me but did assure me that he took the payment. I asked for a rep i.d. or some way of referring to him? All he gave me was the name Skip.
I ended that call hoping my ordeal was over with and that the payment was taken care of. As you might expect it wasn’t. The payment never processed and in the end, I had to write to the Better Business Bureau. After a few weeks I received a letter from MSN that my charges were credited off.
So please if you are ever offered a free year of MSN internet service just say no, or if you have a friend or loved one who is thinking of using MSN please talk them out of it. There are plenty of other internet service providers to choose from who are cheaper, offer better service, and make it easier to give them money.


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