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Stolen Parking Spot

This actually happened a while ago but since I didn't have the blog at the time, I'm posting it for my first bitching about people entry.I went to the bookstore to pick up a copy of Dreamweaver for Dummies. I’m driving down a row and see a great spot close to the front. The spot is on my left. As I’m getting ready to pull in, a car comes around the corner in front of me. I actually think about quickly pulling into the spot but decide to be nice and let the person drive through, since it’s obvious that I’m pulling into that spot. Guess what happens? Yep, the guy pulls into it. As he’s pulling in I give my horn a quick honk letting him know that was my intent, he continues to park. He gets out of his car, very tall old man, turns out to be 77 years old, as he later tells me. I yell out the window “I was going to park there!” His response, “What are you going to do about it.” Of course I get pissed, jump out, and start yelling at him. A crowd starts to develop on the sidewalk and security shows up. Some little girl starts calling me names and yelling at me. Basically everyone takes his side since he’s an old man. The security people acknowledge that it was probably my spot but don’t really do anything other then tell us to go our own ways… Moral of the story... don't be nice to people, they only take advantage.