Veep Drinking Game

"Here is one for your dead blog on bathroom crap."

A co-worker who knows I have a large number of bathroom comments on this blog sent this to me.

Edge Designs is a company run by all women - they design office interiors. They recently had an opportunity to
do a project in NYC where the client offered the women of this company a "free hand" in all design aspects.
The client was also a company that was run by all female execs. The result? Well, we all know that men never talk, never look at each other, and never laugh much in the restroom.
The men's room is a serious and quiet place. But now, with the addition of one mural on the wall, let's just say the men's restroom is a place of laughter
and smiles...


Unknown said…
I don’t know where you got the information on Edge Design from but it’s totally fictitious. I am the Marketing Manager at Perron Developments in New Zealand. We designed and produced this mens room wall in the Sofitel Hotel in Queenstown which our company developed. It has been widely acclaimed for nearly 2 years now but not until now “claimed” by someone else. If the Edge Design NYC really exists you would have to wonder why they need to rip someone else’s idea off like this.
Peter Dallimore
Marketing Manager Perron Developments
MGD said…
Thanks for the correction Peter