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Bigfoot in my house

Last weekend the roommate and her friend go sasquatching. They have been obsessed with finding him for quite a while now and regularly go on camping trips in search. Sunday night they come home with something, a damn two foot molds. Which of course they set on the coffee table in my living room partially wrapped in newspaper. And what it comes down to, T don't fu***ng care about big foot!!!!! Yet for some reason they have left it there ever since for anyone who comes over to see. And when I finally get sick of looking at the dam thing and throw it in the trash, I’m going to have to listen to them bitch because I’ve destroyed the proof they have been searching for. You want to know something, when they show up with Harry and he camps out in my back yard, then I will care about bigfoot. Until then, leave the dam plaster casts somewhere else.

Then come to find out… they aren’t ones she made, they are copies of ones that someone made a year ago. So really, who knows where they came from.