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Dog Park People

I might have already bitched about dog park people on this blog before but just incase I haven’t….

I went to the dog park this morning, and there is this older lady with her fluffy white pure bread whatever the hell it is. She is in the process of going into the park and has her dog on a leash, no problem so far. I start to walk past her with my dog and head down the trail. I of course, have my dog off the leash since it’s an off leash dog park. Anyway this lady looks at me and my dog like my dog will attach her any second. My dog of course isn’t paying any attention to her. Anyway, this lady walks wide with her leashed dog, totally avoiding me. I walk past and take a nice little walk with my dog. When we get back around, the lady is leaving the park with her dog still on the leash.

Now for my bitching... Why take your snobby self and your pure bread dog to a leash-less dog park for a walk, and keep your dog on a leash for less then 10 minutes, while totally avoiding other dogs and people?!?!? I mean come of people, if you don’t want your dogs around others, stay the hell home where you obviously belong.