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Money Well Spent

Here is a little something about the genus in the company I work for. My team has this policy that we have to travel to one of our call centers one week a month. No biggie for me since the company pays for it. They pay airfare, hotel, car, and food. This can run over a grand per person each month. The purpose of these trips is, to hang out and meet the people we work with. Is it worth the money spent on the trip? No, not at all. So this company will fly its people all over the country for no real reason but when it comes to equipment, they provide us with practically antique laptops. Our desks and chairs aren’t even close to ergomatic. And when it comes to raises we are some of the lowest paid people in our industry. But, whenever I talk to someone on the phone I can now say, I know what they look like and the best place in Lubbock Texas to get a steak