Veep Drinking Game

Splash someone... Ha Ha... Funny

One thing I have never understood is why people think it’s funny to drive past people on the street and splash them!!! I was walking my dog and some jackass in a SUV, I’m thinking Liberty or older Cherokee, races around a corner so he can splash me and my dog with a mud puddle. He then drove off as I yelled, flipping him off to come back. People are so tough when they know they can get away with things like that, to bad they aren’t tough enough to get out of the truck and actually stand up for themselves.

For those of you out there that think those jokes are funny just respond to this post with where you want to meet. And try not to be a big coward about it and bring a bunch of buddies to protect you!! Or act like you will show then not show. And finally just fists, like in the old days before you realized you could cause a fight then run away from it like a little piece of shit!!