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Washington’s Northwest Trek

Today I went to northwest trek, a place that touts itself as “a treasure for wildlife enthusiasts”. Anyone who knows me knows I’m morally against zoos and taking animals out of the wild, caging them and putting them on display for the ignorant public. This place actually offended me more then the typical zoo. It still had the fenced animals on display. It still had the morons howling at the wolves and loud children who have no concept of real wildlife. What really offended me was the fact that this place actually acted like it was some kind of animal refuge, like it actually cared about wildlife, like it actually was trying to make a different at $12.00 per adult and $8.00 per youth. What this place really is doing is taking animals from their natural habitat and displaying them so they can charge admission plus the price of a hot dog. At least zoos actually try to do some animal research in the process.


Joel Settecase said…
So what is the problem with people making money off of animals? They aren't people, you know.
MGD said…
hahaha, good point.