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The Wonderful World Corporate Life

“Gosh I can’t wait to grow up, sit in an office staring at a computer all day. I want to work for enough money to buy a house and a fancy car, while making millions of dollars for some large corporation.” You might have thought that as a kind but I never did. The closest was making some rich millionaire type but unfortunately as a child you don’t think to yourself what you need to do to become one of those. Go to some fancy business school, start as a lower level executive and if you kiss enough butt, play the corporate PC game, then become the “big wig”. Why would someone want to do that? I don’t know. As each day goes by and I sit at a desk staring at a computer working for a large corporation I can feel the screen sucking the life and motivation out of me. Is my job easy? Sure. Is it better then most jobs? Yep. Does it pay well? Yes. Do I enjoy it and wake up looking forward to it everyday? No, never.

Why don’t I quite my bitching and go find a job I actually enjoy and want to do you might ask? My answers to the questions above are why.