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Cingular Customer Service

Have you ever wondered why Cingular has such crappy customer service? Having worked many years for Cingular I can tell you.

Cingular locates its call centers in BFE, where they hire the lowest wage and educated people possible. Most anyone with an actual degree will go work somewhere else for more money.
They are union and no matter how incompetent people are, it’s almost impossible to fire them.
The information that is sent to call center reps doesn’t actually tell them how to fix problems. And it’s written so poorly even if it did tell them how to fix a problem they wouldn’t understand it. Take into consideration the same low end customer service reps are the ones who eventually get promoted and end up writing many of the processes and policies.
The tier 2 people are no different then the tier 1 people. Since they are union when a customer service rep goes to the tier 2 department they don’t really get a raise. And when they move to that department it’s not based on skill level it’s based primarily on time employed with the company.


Hi Cranky_Money. It is indeed frustrating to work in a company that doesn't share your passion for good customer service. I agree that training and information being fed to the front liners (reps) should be beneficial not only to the customer but for the agent as well.