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Dog Owners Who Ruin Things for Everyone Else

I recently read a totally one sided story about dog owners taking their dogs everywhere. Pet peeves: The dog who crashed the party implying pet owners with big dogs don’t control their animals.

Why is the other side of the story not told about responsible pet owners who control their animals? I agree that many pets run amuck but we shouldn’t ban all animals because of a few bad owners, we should ban the few bad owners. Personally, if taking my dog to a friends house or a party I check with the host first to make sure it’s ok, then when I do take my dog, I keep her under control at all time, usually keeping her right by my side. Also when taking her to outside seating at restaurants, I make her lay down until we are ready to leave. If more restaurants offered to allow pets in my area I guarantee they would see decent business from the owners. And like I said, if they are out of control, toss the owner along with the animal. I bet we would see an improvement in both animal and human behavior after that.