Veep Drinking Game

ELF Not So Bright

The Earth Liberation Front, decides to protest something, I’m assuming urban sprawl or deforestation. They burn down a house (Ecoterrorism fire victims rebuild, move on) and what? Do they think that people will suddenly stop building homes or using tress to build them? No, they do what these people did, they re-build. So what did the ELF accomplish? They helped pollute the air with the fire and they destroyed more trees since these people had to rebuild the house with the same materials as before. Great thinking ELF, what’s next you going to save the Wales by shooting them all with harpoons.

If any ELF people read this, you are complete fucking retards!!! The only things you accomplish is getting people against your cause, instead of supporting it, and you make people like me (environmentalist) want to take a wooden bat to your heads. I bet you also used a gas powered car, when pouring gas on the house to start it on fire, before going back home to your wooden built house as well… People like you are the reason other people should carry guns.