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I think anyone who knows me or who has read this blog knows I opposed the war prior to going in and still oppose the war in Iraq. I’m one of the few in this country who have been consistent in their opinion of the subject. Now having said that, I also was in the Army National Guard and during my time in the guard, if called up, I would have gone wherever they sent me, including Iraq. Why would I do this, because that’s the agreement I made when signing up. I didn’t sign anything that said I’d only fight if I agreed fighting for oil was justified, I signed saying I would do what I was told and leave the decision making up the politicians, even if I didn’t vote for them. Am I glad I’m no longer in the military to go fight? Of course I am.

Lt. Ehren Watada (article) an actual officer in the military has made the decision that he shouldn’t have to fight in the war. He says it’s because the president “lied to us about the war” Hmmmm, a politician lied, there’s a new concept!!! I don’t know why he joined the military and I don’t care. All I know is, as an officer his job is to set the example for others. And now he’s trying to get out of it by making his desertion public and a political issue in the hopes it will affect the outcome.

“Watada spoke of the "wholesale slaughter" of Iraqis and said he did not want to be a party to war crimes by serving there”. You know what Lt. as an officer you could have been in a position to influence the outcome and maybe show people all Americans aren’t war mongers and killers, you could have instilled some of that belief in the men you were to lead and the people you were supposed to protect. Instead the only thing you have done is show the soldiers over there they can’t even trust the officers in their own chain of command.