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Bad Children/Bad Parents

I know, I’ve commented on this many times in the past and will some more. Is there any refuge for adults who want to go out to dinner and eat with out jackasses bringing in rotten uncontrolled children?!?!? Last night a lady friend and I go to Claim Jumper for dinner. We decided to sit over on the bar side. For one reason it was open and we didn’t have to wait for seating. And of course the second reason it’s usually adults. What I didn’t realize was that they apparently have a bar area, which is pretty much the stools at the bar, and they have a lounge area, which is tables and booths just on the side of that. What I also didn’t know was, in Claim Jumper that children can eat over in that area. I could live with the children at the booth next to me, what really bothered me was how the parents (typical of today’s parenting) let their kids run around crawl on the nasty floors, make a ruckus, and be completely unruly. All the while the parents just carried on a typical conversation like totally normal.

People! When you take your kids out, act like a responsible fucking adults and make your children behave. Your job is to be the parent not the best friend! Your job is to raise the child to be a responsible worthwhile member of society. Letting them crawl on the floors of restaurants is not providing them with useful life skills. My only hope is, while they are down there, they east some nasty rotten piece of food and you get to spend the rest of the night cleaning puke.


Brian Auer said…
Good stuff. I think I found my west coast rival for grumpiest person alive.

This post is so true. The funny part is that the parents know what people are thinking about their kids' actions. What's even funnier is that they're thinking things like Get over it. Don't you have anything better to do? or I hate people who don't have kids and think they're better than everyone else. or That's it. I give up. I just want to eat food like a normal human rather than having to wrestle a 2 year old to hIs seat so he can sit there anD refuse to eAt the FoOd I cut inTo little TIny piECeS wHilE MY foOD sIts HERe in FRoNt oF mE AnD GETS COLD! . . . crawl on the floor junior. -- or something like that.

...I blew my cover didn't I? ...They're 1 and 3.