Veep Drinking Game

The Break Room

Last Friday in the break room I was heating my lunch in the microwave. While standing and waiting, some guy was making himself some Top Raman (or whatever brand it was) noodles. The kind that come in a Styrofoam cup and you only need to add hot water. Anyway, he opens the top and goes to dump out the crappy little freeze dried vegetables. Personally, I tend to do the same thing and expect most people do as well. Anyway, in the process of dumping the veggies in the sink, (don’t know why he couldn’t use the garbage can) he drops a pea on the floor. Instead of leaning down to pick it up and throw it in the trash, which is 3 feet away, or the sink, which is right next to him, he kicks it under the counter.
So I ask him, “Is that how you clean at home to?”
He quickly responded with, “Yes, except for when my wife is around.”
I gave him my fake and you’re a jackass laugh, but I didn’t say anything further. He left shortly after as we gave each other fake smiles. Hopefully he went back to his office feeling like a lazy P.O.S. Unfortunately and in all honesty, he probably went back to his office thinking not so kind thoughts about me.

This brings me to a larger point about working for Microsoft that I have noticed, and it is that a large number of people don’t clean up after themselves. As you may have read in earlier postings, I sit next to a guy who bathes once a week, I’ve had rather nasty experiences in the men’s room, and I pass quite a few people in the halls who think Dove is a bird and Irish Spring is a spring in Ireland. Now I am adding can’t clean up after themselves to the list. Obviously, this isn’t everyone just like it’s only a few that smell bad, it’s only a few that can’t clean up after themselves. But it comparing this building to the one I worked in at Cingular, this break room gets way nastier. People leave out the empty milk cartons provided for coffee and there is a pretty constant amount of other trash and crap left on the counters. Keep in mind this is a break room, so there are garbage cans provided. But when it comes down to it, there are no repercussions from not cleaning up after yourself, so why bother, especially if you are a lazy P.O.S.