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Mother Fu***ng Seattle Drivers

Ok, I know I’ve bitched and complained about this before and I will probably do it again… What the fuck is wrong with Seattle drivers!!!!!!

To the Seattle can’t drive dumb asses - This is directed towards each and every one of you Seattle retards that can’t drive in the mother fucking rain! You live in Seattle, it rains 9 months out of the year here, you dumbfucks. What is so hard about providing enough space from the car in front of you so that you don’t rear end them? Or just watching the car in front of you so when they hit the breaks you do the same? And those of you who drive super slow all over the place because you are scared to actually move your car, you are just as bad. The rest of us people who actually know how to drive and don’t cause wrecks everyday, have to go around you. You are the people who cause fucking traffic slowdowns; especially when you have to slow way the hell down to stare at whatever car wreck is on the side of the road.

To the rest of the people out there - Here in Seattle it is fall and starting of the rainy season. What this means is, my drive now takes twice as long to get anywhere, anytime of day. Since last week, I’ve had two women almost side swipe me while changing lanes and not paying attention and another actually rear end me. Luckily it wasn’t hard enough to do any damage to my vehicle. I drive a Toyota pickup with a tow hitch on the back. It put a nice dent in her front bumper though. I saw another guy rear end someone this morning, hard enough his airbag went off. And I actually pass an average 1 to 2 accidents on my way to work each day. The past two days in a row I’ve had a fire truck pass me on their way to an accident.


Rooster said…
I find it funny that we, unbeknownst to ourselves, bitched about this same thing on the same day, and we didn't even know about it until we finally carpooled this morning. Great minds think alike.