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No Boating

I have this friend who bought a boat last spring. It’s a decent sized boat, about 21ft, has a cabin, etc. He bought this boat about six months ago and has taken it out twice, both times with the original owner to get the hang of using it. I’m all in favor and can understand wanting to get the hang of boating. But what’s happening is he to paranoid to take it out on nice days. I can understand a certain amount of trepidation for a new boater. It might take a few times to get it on the trailer with people watching, backing up can be a pain with a truck and trailer, and it ca get busy on the waters around Seattle. But, the real issue here is me! I missed out on watching the Blue Angels during Seafair from a boat this year, I wasn’t able to hang out on a boat Labor Day Weekend, and at no point during the summer was I pulled behind it on a tube or wakeboard.

So listen up buster, I know you read this blog so get off your pansy ass and start taking the damn boat out. The best way to learn how to do something is to do it!!! So what if some 20 year old girl can back a boat in the water better then you, that will just give me time to keep her company why we chat and make fun of you. And big freaken deal if it takes you more then one try to load the damn thing on the trailer, practice makes perfect.


Anonymous said…
Mmmhmmm...I'll let you know when we take the boat out...this December.