Veep Drinking Game


Am I the only one who thinks people who whistle why they are waiting for stuff is creepy? Yesterday after work, I got in the elevator at the same time as some other guy. We go down to the parking garage and start walking to our cars. As he’s walking he starts whistling some funky song. He then goes to the other elevator to get to the next level and proceeds to whistle the whole time. It’s a parking garage so I can hear him the whole way to my car.

Today, I’m sitting at my desk and the lady next to me is whistling something. Same thing as the guy yesterday, it’s some unrecognizable song at a low level and of course it’s only parts of whatever song it is.

It’s like in the movies, how just before the crazy person does something crazy, they whistle acting nonchalant…. Then they strike.


Brian Auer said…
Creepy people definitely whistle. There's this restaurant we usually go to once a week, and the guy that puts down the silverware and napkins -- very creepy whistler. The worst part is that my wife is OCD/ADD-ish, so I can't carry on a conversation with her when the whistler is lurking about. That's all she can focus on.