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Lunch Room Talk

Was eating lunch and noticed something interesting as a comparison between Cingular and Microsoft. At Cingular didn’t really have a lunch room for all the buildings but some did. Of those that did, when going to lunch with co-workers rarely was the conversation work related. It usually consisted of casual conversation. Occasionally a work conversation would come up but it was rare. At Microsoft I will eat in the cafeteria regularly and have noticed that the majority of conversation revolved around work. Today for example, I sat at a table with 3 other tables in hearing distance. The table to my right was a manager and employee going over an employee review. The table to my left was some discussion on something that I’ve already forgotten. And same goes for the table in front of me. I’m not necessarily saying this is bad that MS employees. They love their jobs sooo much that they can’t take a break even during lunch. But, I do feel that it’s good for the mind to step away from the job every once in a while, and think about something else. If any MS people are reading this.. take a break! And when you do, talk about something else. Even if you are not eating with someone, grab a magazine or newspaper. You’ll find that when you get back from the break, your job will still be there and the world hasn’t ended.


Anonymous said…
Of course the world will end! It's Microsoft. They are teetering on edge of brokeness as we speak! /snark off