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Something Nice to Talk About

That’s right, I know this is the Cranky Monkey talking but I actually have something positive to say and here it is…. Hooker Boots! Not the actual hookers, you know what I’m talking about, the boots that are so popular with women these days. The kind of boots that go up nice and high on the calves just below the knees with a heel and are totally sexy. I have no idea what they are really called, I know some people call them "fuck me boots" which I guess sounds better than "hooker boots". Either way, it is not the name of the boot that makes them hot.

I’ve seen quite a few women wearing them lately and I have to say good job ladies! Finally women’s fashion I can appreciate. Hot boots and a skirt should always be in style. So women who read this blog, keep it up and if you ever want to pose for some pictures you just let me know. Unless you are fat, in that case, even sexy hooker boots won’t make you hot but Jenny Craig might. Jenny Craig and visits to the gym instead of your friends Jack, Mac, or Wendy.