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Marijuana Burgers

Marijuana Burgers
Here is a funny story. Recently an employee at Burger King thought it would be funny to put some marijuana on a police officers burger. It turns out, it wasn't that funny.

Forst of all, what kind of dumbass puts marijuana in a cops hamburger? These idiots deserve to be castrated so they never produce children. But you know what’s really f**d up about it, the cops are suing Burger King. They should be suing the people who did it but no, they are going after the big corporate money.

Jackasses! Fucking law enforcement. Read any number of other reports and it’s about how the judicial system is being caught up in frivolous lawsuits, yet when they get a chance, our police force does the exact same thing.

Look, people, you are going to a Burger King, obviously, they hire the lowest of the low, the retards and incompetent, and in many cases the ones who can’t speak enough English to get real jobs. What do you want someone to stand over every employee’s shoulders and watch them work? It can happen but keep in mind you will then be paying $100 for that Whopper. Oh and on another note, according to the story the officer “then went to a hospital for medical evaluations.” Give me a break. A little weed isn’t going to hurt you but then again, the hospital visit help with the lawsuit.