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One of Those Days...

I normally wait till after work to do my posting but I can tell it’s going to be, “one of those days”. It’s now 3 hours since my alarm went off and here’s the breakdown.

  • Woke up to a bad dream. I won’t go into the details.
  • Looked into the mirror before showering to see the nice cut in my cheek where my dog nipped me about 6 o’clock last night.
  • I then had to take her for her morning walk in the cold rain.
  • There was a car wreck on the way to work, took about an hour and half to get here.
    (This is actually pretty typical.)
  • Noticed that my boss/bosses delegate hasn’t approved my timecard for last
    week yet. (Usually needs to be approved by Tuesday to get paid by Friday) Actually wasn't their fault, problem with the system.
  • Received some responses to an e-mail sent yesterday, had to correct the
    person on what the e-mail was about. (it’s no wonder it takes Microsoft so
    long to get things done) And yes the original e-mail was
  • They are remolding the break room with the vending machine so I had t go the
    cafeteria to grab some food. They have little egg McMiffin type things, the
    lady said the back ones where ham and front was sausage. I grabbed the back
    one only to find out after getting back to my desk that it wasn’t ham but
  • Before leaving the lunchroom a guy cut in front of me in line and didn’t
    The guy actually running the register was borderline retarded.
  • Just a few minutes ago, went to one of our other break rooms for some tea, (yes I
    wanted tea instead of coffee) so all I needed was hot water. A couple of
    guys decided to take their sweet ass time using the fancy new Starbucks
    coffee maker before I could finally get my water.
  • And yes, I know people are dying, starving, and living in poverty around the world… But come on, I’m a white America male, it’s all about me!


    Anonymous said…
    What scares me the most is that you apparently couldn't tell that the ham was ham and that the sausage was sausage... that's just nasty.
    MGD said…
    it was wrapped, trust me i could tell once i opened it.