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Roommate moving out?

You might have read a few of my previous postings about my roommate. In my attempts to motivate her to move out, I raised her rent this month. Only by a hundred bucks, I figured it would help buy some patience in dealing with her and I figure the money would help in going towards replacing all the crap in my condo her and her cat have trashed.

I gave her three months notice that I was raising it but for some reason I don’t think she realized I was serous. So she tried just paying the old amount at which point I was like, “no you owe an extra $100" She got pissed argued and attempted to get me to change my mind. After I said it’s not going to happen she goes to her room, looks online, and apparently finds a new place to live. If I only would have known earlier that's all I needed to do. She called me the day after and told me she was moving out. Even better she was moving out the following weekend, ie tomorrow.

She moved a bunch of the junk and other crap that has filled my attack and home to the garage earlier this week in preparation. As I see all this happening, of course I start to get a little happy. Unfortunately, I am The Cranky Monkey for a reason. Nothing good ever happens as it’s supposed to. Last night she goes to sign the lease. It turns out there was some issue and she’s not getting the place. Even after I lied when the guy called me and I told him she was a great tenant.

Now, I’m in the same situation as before except for I now have a garage so full of junk you can’t see the walls.


Anonymous said…
*laugh* omg... I can just see you prancing around the place thinking she'll be gone soon... and then the bomb drops... is she still going to leave eventually? I assume she's still looking?
MGD said…
Yes, it's a wonderfull world... she's finally out. All it took was raising her rent. If I would have know, I would have raised it sooner.