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Letter to Apple

Not that this letter will actually go to Steve but here is a copy of a letter I’m writing to Apple about how much I hate my IPod and issues I’ve had with it.

Attn: Steve Jobs

Approximately two months after purchasing my IPod I began having issues. After another month or so, I called into customer service and it was told that I needed to send the IPod in for service. I was sent a return box, I sent my device in, and received it back. I was able to use the device for a couple more months before different issues started. I called again about a month ago. The person I spoke with, walked me through the same troubleshooting I had already done, via your website. He let me off the line saying it would be working, without verifying it actually was working. It was after 6:00pm by this point. I’m assuming he wanted to go home. The IPod was not working. I called in again a couple of days after that, after holding and talking to multiple people (one person was rude and argumentative), I was sent another return box. After returning that device I was sent a replacement (different device this time), I plugged the replacement Ipod in to my computer and of course it didn’t work either. I called again, received horrible customer service, and am now being sent another return box.


  • Multiple issues with IPod(s), different issues requiring sending in the devices for repair.
  • When the return box is sent to me it requires a signature. This is an empty box, I see no reason to require a signature.
  • When IPod is returned to me it does NOT require a signature. IPod is left on front porch while the empty worthless box is not.
  • Customer service is only open till 6:00pm, since most people work till 5:00pm they are rushed to call in.
  • Out of my multiple calls into customer service, every call I made, I experienced long hold times.
  • After calling in had to be transferred, hold, and repeat my issues.
  • Did not feel any sympathy towards my issues by the customer service agents.

Having worked in the telecommunications industry, and now in the software industry, both dealing with customer service, I can understand what the job is like. I can also understand that people sometimes just get unlucky when it comes to electronic devices. What I can’t understand, is how a company doesn’t take the time to properly train its customer service agents to show empathy for its customers. Not once did anyone actually say, “I’m sorry you’ve had so many problems with your IPod.” The most recent customer service agent sounded stoned, mumbled, and I had to repeat information to him multiple times (slowly). I also don’t see how it’s a positive experience to require signatures on empty boxes while not requiring a signature for the actual devices.

I’m in the market for a new computer and was considering switching to a Mac. I even went down to my local store, talked to a sales rep, and have been reading online reviews and checking forums. As of now, I’ve decided to stick with a PC. If Apple can not make a working product in something as simple as an IPod, how can I expect a working product in a$2,000 computer? If Apple can not provide quality customer service, how can I expect to receive quality service if needing to call in for issues on that computer?

I realize that I’m only one customer, and in the grand scheme it’s not going to affect your business on a whole, but I can also assume I’m not the only person with such issues, especially giving the long hold times when calling in for service.

Your company might be the number one media player on the market today. But with more and more people experiencing issues like mine, and alternatives being released, the IPod will end up being what the Apple computer was in the 80’s and 90’s, something everyone had but no one has.