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Police Academy Dropouts #2

This last year a girl I used to work with was murdered, Nicole Pietz. First, the police totally dragged their feet in even initiating an investigation and really only picked it up after her body was found. Keep in mind it was found by a random person, not the policy. Later, her car was found and “Detectives took hair samples, evidence swabs and a photo of a single fingerprint.” The car was also not found by the policy but a UW security guard.

This whole story was all over the news this last spring. Now, even though they found what seems to me like a decent amount of evidence, and who knows what they found that wasn’t told to the news, the police still have not found her killer. I only worked with Nicole, so I’m not close to the family or anything, but for some reason I can’t help but think that, the detectives have since filed away this case, and are now sitting around the office ass grabbing and have more or less forgotten that a person actually lost their life, and a family lost a loved one.


Rooster said…
I second that. The girlfriend and I were talking about this exact same topic last night, around the same time you posted this. I was a good friend of Nici's and I miss her dearly.

Sure, cops are there when I speed a couple miles an hour over the speed limit, but they can't take the inclusive evidence gathered that could prove who the murderer is and bring him to justice.

May Nici continue to rest in peace.