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Police Academy Dropouts #3

The FBI recently released a report showing that violent crime and robberies has been increasing. The excuses used in the report - “the problem now is likely the historic numbers of inmates returning home from prison with no job prospects or skills. There's also been a proliferation of handguns in recent years, as well as a growing rise of retaliatory killings in some cities.” Or they blame budget cuts, due to the war on terror. At no point throughout the article do they even mention taking some of the blame themselves.

Think about this, the criminals know that if they do break into a house, the police aren’t going to try to catch them. The criminals know, if they murder someone, the police will spend about one day, trying to catch them. And even if they are caught, they will get a short sentence and be back on the streets. More than half our prisons are full of people on drug crimes. Most drug crimes are NOT violent, and really cause no harm to anyone, other than the user. Politicians and police use drugs as an excuse for more serous crimes, but in reality it’s a small portion.

What do our police do instead of crime solving? They sit on the sides of roads and write speeding tickets, or they hang out in Starbucks. Don’t believe me? I used to work for Starbucks, for many years, trust me, I know. If you can actually get a cop to show up in regards to a crime, it is hours later, and they have a I don’t care attitude about it. They file the report and they go back to drinking coffee and writing tickets.

If the government really want’s to reduce crime, I have an easy solution, hire people who care. Then take some of the billions of dollars that goes to the DEA, and spend that on fighting real crimes, instead of busting some sixty year old lady pot dealer.