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Police Academy Dropouts #1

I’ve been thinking lately about starting a blog titled “Police Academy Dropouts”. The purpose of the blog would revolve around the complete incompetence of just about all police officers currently on duty, and how they should have dropped out of cop school. I could easily fill this blog from personal experience, friends, family, acquaintances, and of course the news media. Honestly, the only thing that’s really stopping me is, laziness and that I don’t want to maintain multiple blogs. Instead, I’ve decided to dedicate to create a category for this blog on the subject.

Here is my first. Actually, I shouldn't say this is the first, I've posted in the past on cop stupidity. Anyway, basically, the story is about some hippie who got stuck in the woods on some logging road. The police incompetence comes in when the family is basically saying, “Hey we are pretty sure he’s down this road”. The response, “sheriff's deputies said the road already had been searched” This family has apparently dealt with the police before, because they didn’t believe them, and hired a bunch of snowmobile riders to cruise down the road and check. Guess what? They found the guy in his vehicle on the snowed in the road. The lesson here, cops are lazy lying bastards.