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An Inconvenient Piece of Propaganda

Last weekend I watched An Inconvenient Truth. For those of you who don’t know, it’s Al Gore’s global warming speech on video. In all honesty I was looking for this video to help convince people that global warming is an issue. Unfortunately, the message in the movie got lost in the political propaganda. The majority of the movie consisted of Gore in front of an audience spouting off facts about global warming, and then it would cut to him talking about the 2000 election. Or, it would cut to some scene of him sitting in front of a computer looking serous. He constantly quoted, “the scientist” but didn’t really say what scientists or where he obtained his information. Ok, maybe he did a little but once again, it was lost in the cuts of him walking through the airport like a normal person, or smack talking Bush.

Now that I’ve trashed most of the movie, you should still see it. Once you get past all the crap, the movie does have useful and informative message. I can say that I’ve read and studied quite a bit on global warming, and what he says in the movie is accurate. Global warming is real for those of you who still are so arrogant to think humans are not having a negative impact on the planet. And, it’s also something you are going to need to accept at some point in your life, because if you don’t…. well, if you don’t, then just piss off dumbass!!!