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Office Lighting

I’ve worked in an office for quite a few years, quite a few buildings, and a couple different companies. One of which was Cingular. As with most offices, the lighting was/is overhead florescent lights. Anyone who has worked in such an environment knows it sucks. Anyway, a few people there would occasionally try to turn the lights off and just use desk lamps. Of course, we would always get that irritating, anal retentive, bitch who has to come in and turn them back on. And of course since management wouldn’t want to offend that one person, we would have to deal with the lighting.

Now, I’m at Microsoft and I have to give them props on the lighting. I work in the same environment, a large area full of cubes. They on the other hand, went through today and bought nice lamps for the office areas and turned the fluorescents off. I have to say, it makes a real difference. People’s attitudes seem more relaxed, and it’s easier to focus on what you are actually doing. I’ve even notice a lot of the side conversations have mellowed. Of course this is the first day, so we will have to see what the long run ends up being, but it’s better than Cingular, who could care less about employee satisfaction.

Update – Within the past hour of having this posted, we’ve already had people complain about the lights. Luckily they were outvoted when it came to on or off. As of right now, only one of the overheads was turned back on, and that person will only be here for a few more weeks, I will be turning it back off on her last day.