Veep Drinking Game

Police Academy Dropouts #5

Back from vacation so here is this week’s lame cop story.

I used to date this girl and her car was broken into. Well, it just happened that a cop was driving past, at the exact time it was happening, so they caught the guy. Anyway, she gets her car fixed through insurance and all that, and about a week later, someone busts out all the windows on the car. Didn’t take anything just busted the windows one night. Obviously it was the guy who had broken into it the week before, getting back at her for what happened. She calls the cops and tells them what happens. They don’t bother send someone over, they just file the report over the phone. Since we are sure it’s the person from before, we ask, what’s his name or any information about him. We are told, they can’t provide that information. So this criminal, spends a few days in jail, gets out, vandalizes her car, and not only are they not going to do anything about it(no proof that it was him), they aren’t even going to give us the information to do something about it.