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Police Academy Dropouts #6

This actually happened last summer but I never blogged on it, or if I did I can’t find it. It was a Saturday morning, probably around 6:00 or 7:00, I was started awake by the sound of someone honking their horn right outside my house. I live in a condo/townhouse. I tried to ignore it but was forced out of bed when someone started knocking at my door.
“What!” I asked standing in a pair of sweat pants and not much else.
“Do you own a black sedan?” an older and haggard looking blond asked.
“No.” I responded quickly.
“Someone parked it in the road and it’s blocking the way.”
“Well it’s not mine.” And I shut the door.
To give you an idea of the layout of my complex; the parking lot is basically a big C shape. Around the edges are the condos and townhouses, we each have a garage with a little driveway, and across from mine is some open parking for guests and stuff. I obviously park in the driveway in front of my garage. I couldn’t go back to sleep at this point, primarily due to the horn honking. I quickly put on some jeans and a shirt, and went out to see what all the drama was over.
There were three people gathered around a black Acura, the blond, an older Asian lady, and some guy. The car had been parked at an angle, the back of the vehicle was towards the bumper of mine, and the front was pointing towards the open parking spots, so as to block anyone from driving past.
“Why don’t you just push it out of the way?” I said.
“The guy responded, “I think it’s been stolen, there is a key broken in the ignition and it’s in park.”
I jumped into the driver seat real quick to try to force it into neutral. Since the key was broken in the ignition we were able to force it to turn and then able to put the car in gear. The four of us then pushed it to an empty spot. It took only a matter of minutes. There were a few words said as I went back to bed.
Later that day I woke up and as my head cleared up I realized a few things. One, yes the car was stolen, I called the cops knowing my neighbors wouldn’t. Two, since the car was stolen and obviously stolen by the condition, broken key, etc, did they really think honking the horn was going to do any good? Like the theft would come running out, “oh sorry after stealing that I meant to park it better. Here let me move it.” And finally, what a bunch of retards, it took under a minute to move the thing once I got out there, yet between the three of them they couldn’t figure it out.

How does this relate to Police Academy Dropouts? After calling the police around 10:00 in the morning, they finally showed up around 4:00 or 5:00 that evening. Apparently getting someone their car back isn’t that high of a priority. It’s a loose relation.