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Boston’s Bomb Bungling

I should post this for my P.A.D story tomorrow. But thanks to our judicial system, their is plenty to go around. 

 By now, I’m sure we have all heard or read the news last week about how Boston authorities totally overreacted, due to the advertising stunt of “Aqua Teen Hunger Force”. About how it practically shut down the city and now, how Turner Network has to pay two millions dollar for it. I’m sure, we also know about how the two guys responsible are being taken to court over it. 

How many heard, there was a real bomb scare that day? That same day, Two fake pipe bombs were found. Yes they were fake, but at least they looked real, unlike a couple flashy lights with pictures on them. They had to evacuate a hospital and even have an idea who the person is, but haven’t bothered to charge the person yet. 

So, we will make a big deal and spend millions on am advertising joke, but pipe bombs gets filed away in the back page. As far as I can tell the news corporations haven’t followed up on the story at all. At least I can’t fine anything. 

This is our country?!?!?