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Chinese Fur Farms

I was reading an article about how some real fur was being slipped in with fake fur on MSN. That article lead me to a video about Chinese fur farms. Normally, I wouldn’t look at anything PETA did, because they are a little to extreme on the leftist side for me. But this video is something that should be watched, and if you have a soul, it had better piss you off as much as it did me. Make sure you have the sound turned on while watching.

Even though here in the U.S. fur isn’t that large of a commodity, we do buy some items lined with fur, or fur accessories. Just so you know, more than half the worlds fur comes from China. and yes, plenty of Chinese fur makes it to the U.S.

Personally, being a person who wears leather and eats meat. I can support that use of animals in those manners. But to skin them alive?


Anonymous said…
Oh my good, that is insane. You don't have to be red or blue to feel for these poor creatures. I just wanted to cry. I hope reincarnation is true and these people all come back to have such a fate bestowed upon them.