"Hope to have a buisness with you"

As some of you know, I do a little wedding photography on the side. Occasionally in an attempt to do some free promoting, I’ll do a posting on craigslist. I have in the past received a little business from this, and since it only takes a few minutes to create the posting, it’s worth it. This last Saturday I wrote up a typical posting, offering my services, linking to my site, etc. I received an e-mail which I have cut and pasted exactly as sent below. If you read through it you will notice, the extreme lack of understanding of the English language. This seems odd, since in the first sentence this person makes the statement of being from the “Us” I’m assuming they mean U.S.

On a side not, if I’m the one correcting your spelling and grammar, you have a serious problem, as anyone who reads this blog regularly can attest to.

Next, you will notice they are offering to fly me to New York, cover my hotel, and of course my regular cost. Obviously this is some kind of scam. No one is going to fork over that kind of money on a photographer they have never met, or heard of, and found on craigslist of all places. What exactly the scam is, I’m not sure. Maybe in order to book the tickets, this person is thinking I will send them my social security number? I thought about stringing the guy out to see what happens but decided no response was the best choice.

Subject: Can You Shoot My Wedding ?

My name is Bright .I am from the Us and i would be
celebrating my Traditional wedding ceremony with my
wife who is from uk soon ,So I am emailing you now
asap my wedding which will be held on the 25th of
march 2007, I want to know. if you would be available
for that day,the cost you will charge me if you would
render service for 6hours from 9am - 3pm for the the
So i ill be responsibel for your flight ticket and
your accomodation for the day,So i will want you to
give me a total cost for the service. Am in hurry for
a wedding photographer, due that i receive a call that
the photographer that wanted to shoot my wedding died
yesterday,I really need you to understand this as it
is in hurry
Hope to have a buisness with you
This is the address where the wedding ill take place
and the shooting of the wedding

1314 Hydesville Rd.
Newark, NY 14513

This is the Hotel I ill Booked For You, It is only 15
minutes to the Reception

Hotel Address :
Quality Inn
Rt. 88 North,