Veep Drinking Game

A Nice Ride in the Elevator

I had something else I wanted to talk about today but was distracted by someone being nice this morning. A week or so ago, I did a posting titled Going Up. It was about how people at Microsoft generally don’t hold the elevator. Well apparently, someone reads my blog. A guy got on the elevator before me this morning, and the door was closing as I walked through the entrance and he actually held it for me. There was an even larger timelapse than what I described before. This guy I wouldn’t have bitched about letting the door close, it was that long before I made it to the elevator. Yet, he held it. I said, “Thanks man” when I got on. He didn’t respond.

I couldn’t see his badge it’s possible he was a contractor and not a full timer. But it just goes to show you, you take a couple thousand people, odds are that at least one of them is a decent person.