Veep Drinking Game

On This Day - Valentine’s Day

Today is a holiday, and in honor of the holiday I decided to play a little game called, “on this day” of Valentine’s Day.

Knowing many of my readers, I know with the exception of the Republicans you are all pretty intelligent people. You most likely already know the story behind Penicillin. How Alexander Fleming accidentally dropped some mold on to a tray of bacteria, discovering this wonderful antibiotic. Well, my friends, on this day in 1929, Alexander Fleming presented that discovery to the world. So remember, depending on how you spend your Valentine this year and who you spend it with, you can thank Alexander and his penicillin for curing that syphilis you pick up.

On an interesting side note: The St. Valentine’s Day Massacre also happened today, when gangster Al Capone’s gunmen murdered seven members of rival George Moran’s gang… Also on this day in 1929.

Happy Valentine’s Day and may the VD be with you.


Squiddly said…
did you know today in Mexico is the Day of National Mourning.(interesting..)
and in Iraq - its the 'Communist Martyrs Day' celebrated by Iraqi Communist Party.
such a romantic day!
MGD said…
Iraq has a communist party? Damn, we don't even allow those here. That Iraq, so progressive.