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Police Academy Dropouts #11

A couple of weeks ago, I reported about a friend of mine (article), who’s been experiencing the joys of a stalker. Well, the situation appears to be escalating. They broke into her house recently, while she was there at night. The person didn’t do anything besides apparently cut themselves on a window or something. She called the police about it… again. This time the Bothell PD finally decided to do something, ie get the word out to other districts. Apparently, this wasn’t done previously because shortly after, the Mill Creek police department (who so far appear to actually be on the ball) contacted the Bothell PD back, saying they have some jewelry and other items they think might be hers. She then spoke to Mill Creek PD, went down to identify some items, and look at some pictures of potential suspects in a thief ring.

To summarize, in one day the Mill Creek PD and Officer Sprenson, have done more than Officer Chizus (not sure about the spelling), has done in over two months.

Note, I haven’t verified the accuracy of the names of the two police officers mentioned


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