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Police Academy Dropouts #10

Here’s something interesting about the best of the best, the top of the line, the cream of the crop, the FBI. According to a recent news article, “between three and four FBI laptop computers are lost or stolen each month.” That’s right, the group we expect to police the country, can’t even police themselves. Even better, “The new report found that 160 weapons” were lost or stolen over a 44 month period. Well at least now I know where I can go next time I’m in the market for a new 9mm, the local FBI office. Even better, I’ll get it at a steel.

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Anonymous said…
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Original e-mail from him read:
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As you can notice, there were MANY grammatical errors, etc... plus the e-mail address/name he replied to me the 2nd time with wasn't the same NAME??

I'd thought I'd just share this with you guys.....

Thanks for having this website!!