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Earning my Pay

I’ve decided to bitch about my job a little today… Yes, I know big surprise.

I started this contract 10 months ago. One of the reasons I was hired is my background in policy documentation and content management. As in, what’s the best way to present information and communicate it to the people responsible for dealing directly to customers. One of the problems I have found, is that many of the people I work with, have absolutely no customer service background. So you would think, they would acknowledge this, and take my advice into consideration when making decisions, but they don’t. In fact, they usually seem to do the opposite. This of course results in customer service representatives not knowing how to do their jobs and customers not receiving accurate information.

I’ve explained over and over again what they should be doing and how they should be doing it. I’ve written it in e-mails and even providing full business justifications. What am I going to do about it… At this point, nothing. If they choose to do something totally screwed up, either they will eventually realize it and make changes. Or they will continue to provide poor quality customer service. Either way, I get paid. And you never know, maybe in a couple years when they realize it, they will contact my contract company and have me back and I’ll get paid again, to do the same job. Of course, I’ll ask for more money next time.