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I Don’t Hate America you Cocksucker!

This morning on the way in to work I was listening to the radio, and having a conversation with a friend about liberals who hate American. For the purpose of this article, we’ll call this friend, “The Cock”.

Here is a little news for you - liberals don’t hate American, in fact we love American. It’s here is America where we can call our president a fucktard, and not be thrown in jail for it. It’s here in America where we can spend our nights surfing for internet porn, and masturbating in a sock. The reason why we get so worked up about stuff you conservatives do, is we want to keep America the way we like it. We don’t want our Republican appointed judges to take away these freedoms that come with being an American.

Yes, most every liberal out there doesn’t agree with the war in Iraq. But you want to know something, I’m sure a few of the soldiers over their don’t agree with it either. Does that mean they are going to pull a Watada and not go? Hell no, they are going to buck up and kick some ass. When I was in the military, if at any point they would have told me to go, I would have. Yes, I would have hated it, but that’s part of living in America – having the option of volunteering for the military, not be forced (anymore/yet).

So next time a liberal should happen to disagree with something a narrow minded, do as your told, gay intern ass fucking, money grubbing, republican says - shake their hand and say, “Good for you, because you have an opinion that’s outside of what you are told to have. One of the joys of being an American.” For now, as long as we keep the conservatives in check.


Rooster said…
HAHAHAHAHA. Looks like the Monkey didn't get his bugs plucked today.

You're getting yourself so worked up here...

Guess what, this Republican will agree that our President is a fucktard. He's a moron. He gives Republicans a bad name and I do not support the measures he's gone to regarding personal liberties. The "Patriot Act" is one of the un-patriotic measures ever.

If you want to spend your nights looking at porn and whackin it in a sock, that's your deal. I will never try and take that away from you. Personally, I'd rather have a woman. Plus I don't want to touch that sticky sock of yours But again, that's just my preference.

Like I've said time and again, I don't agree with the liberal opinion on the war, but I respect it. Like I've also said before, I trully think the war should be ran by someone else.

I do, however, respect and agree to your statement about military volunteers "bucking up and kicking ass" when they are called to do it. Right on, brother!

What I do not respect and do not agree with is the LIBERALS narrow minded generalist based-on-the-exception-not-the-rule opinion of Republicans. We are not gay-intern humping money grubbers. Yes, there are a few of them, but like I just said, they are the exception, not the rule. There are democrats and liberals who are are gay intern humping money grubbers too, the only difference is it's natural for them, so they aren't burned at the stake for it when it is made public.

One thing you should be happy about though, which I am too, we are seeing more and more fence-walkers in office now. New leaders that are rising up and don't care about party lines are coming out of the woodwork now. They only have a party-association because that is what is still required in this country to make it anywhere. One day though, I think that you, the left-winger and me, the right-winger, will actually be able to work together in a civil manner.

One wouldn't think so by reading The Rooster vs Monkey War Blogs though...

The Cock.
MGD said…
Actually, quick correction, it wasn’t a sock, it was a t-shirt and I’ve been meaning to get that out of the back of your car.
Rooster said…
Oh man... I knew you had a thing for my leather seats, but this takes it to a whole new level. My only curiosity is how did you accomplish this without me knowing? You are truly a professional masturbater.

I don't think we can carpool anymore. You sick Monkey.