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Kill Them All!! No Biggie…

I read an interesting article on MSN recently, about how death in large numbers looses our interested but individuals actually results in an emotional reaction. Basically, we don’t care when we large numbers of people die, but if one or two does, then we react.

One of the examples, they showed photographs to a group, “In the first photograph eight children needed $300,000 to receive medical attention in order to save their lives. In the next photograph, one child needed $300,000 for medical bills. Most subjects were willing to donate to the one and not the group of children.” So even though the amount of donation stated the same, and the first one actually helped more, people were more willing just to help one.

It just goes to show you, “the needs of the many do not outweigh the needs of the few.”

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Rooster said…
You mean to say that if we throw on some Nike's and drink some Kool-Aid, no one will care?