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The Latest Thing

I read recently how prescription drug abuse is increasing across the country. Is this because the DEA is doing a better job of cracking down on illegal narcotics? I doubt it. My guess is, this is the latest fad with drugs. We had LSD in the 70’s, coke in the 80’s, ecstasy in the 90’s and now prescription drugs. WTF?

To the point - This pisses me off! And I’ll tell you why in today’s, “Why is the Monkey so Cranky.”

Since more people are turning to prescription narcotics, dealers are more focused on providing these items rather than stuff like, acid and E. Fine if I want to drop a Vicodin and chill at home. Big freaken deal! Does Vicodin really do all that much for you. It sure as he doesn’t for me. So let’s say sometime, I’m chillin with some friends, and we want to go out eat some shrooms and stare at the neat faces on my living room wall. Now I have to search that much harder to find them!!! It’s not like we have a dealer on every corner… ok, maybe we do. But it’s not like I know which house it’s in, and can just go knock on the door.

People! Let’s get over this latest prescription drug fad and step back to the days of sex, drugs, and rock and roll. It’s all about supply and demand, if we start demanding the good stuff, it will be easier to find the supply.

Peace out bitches!