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New York = 1 Walmart = 0

It’s not often that I actually side with unions, especially a lame ass union like The Retail Wholesale and Department Store Union. But recently, the unions were able to thwart an attempt by Walmart to enter the New York market. The union president Stuart Applebaum proclaimed, "New Yorkers will not tolerate their way of operating. Their promises of low prices come at too high of a cost." Bullshit Stuart! The real reason, I’m sure being Walmart’s insistence on using non-union workers to be the real reason behind the stand, not over moral objections to Walmart’s price practices. But in this case, the end justifies the motive.

walmart truck

Personally I’ve never shopped at a Walmart. Preferring just about any alternative even if the alternative is another large chain. Either way Walmart “sales growth has slowed in recent years, is looking to urban markets as the next frontier to fuel domestic growth. Those efforts have been met with resistance from labor and neighborhood groups.” It makes me feel good to know I’m not the only one on the Walmart boycott bandwagon. That’s right people, keep it up, fight the man!!!

Now on to Amazon which is slowing becoming the new Walmart of the world.