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The People who keep Us Safe

I’m planning a trip this summer, and since I will be taking some camera gear, I decided to look at the TSA site to make sure I can carry it on, as I don’t want it damaged or stolen by the trustworthy baggage handlers. Figured I’d print the policy up to take with me, should I happen to get hassled by a security person trying to tell me I can’t carry it on.

Anyway, on the site, looking at the permitted and prohibited items, at the top of the list is box cutters. As you would expect, is says, you can’t carry them on but can check them. For those of you who don’t know, a box cutter is a small metal casing that holds a razor blade. A few years ago, while at Cingular I had to travel pretty regularly. My backpack that I carried my laptop in, I also used to carry camera gear on occasion. Once for a class, I put a pack of razor blades in one of the pockets. We use them to cut mattes. Just to be clear, I didn’t have just one blade but a whole little box of them.

I forgot about the blades and unintentionally carried them through the security checks. I did this over a dozen times, before realizing they were there and removing them.

Airport security – They will stop you from carrying on that bottle of toothpaste (I’ve witnessed that) but a box of razor blades, no problem.


Rooster said…
Very interesting they would let that past, considering the 9/11 hijackers used box cutters.
MGD said…
Interesting, or just a sign of their incompetence
Squiddly said…
TOOTHPASTE!!! now Thats dangerous..have you ever gotten toothpaste in your eyes? its bad man...real bad.