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Police Academy Dropouts #12

Here is some interesting news that I was not aware of, and I bet most of you weren’t aware either. I regularly post about police officers who should have dropped out of the police academy. Apparently many haven’t even attended the academy in the first place. “At least 30 states let some newly hired local law enforcement officers hit the streets with a gun, a badge and little or no training.” That’s right, 30 states, including my home state of Washington. In many areas, you can be hired on to the police force and work as a cop for up to a year, before being required to go through official police training.

Let’s put this in prospective - When I was first hired on at AT&T Wireless as a customer service representative, I had to go through 4 weeks of training before I could answer the phone and take customer calls. But I can apparently have a gun and put “three rounds in the chest and one in the head” of an unarmed drunken student, with no training at all.

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