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Police Academy Dropouts #13

If you are ever in Bothell/Canyon Park and getting on from Bothell – Everett to 405, watch yourself or you might be ticketed. Once again, our state patrol has nothing better to do with their time, than set up a trap to catch drivers who cross the white line when entering. The excuse used is the “maneuver annoyed other drivers and, more importantly, threatened to cause crashes.” Not that it actually causes crashes, but that it might. And yes, it is annoying when people do that, but come on. Don’t we have real criminals to catch?

I’ve taken this entrance ramp, multiple times and here’s the deal. The entrance is suuuuuuper long. You drive, and drive, and drive, before finally getting to the point where you can legally merge. What happens - people merging get backed up having to wait, all the while they could just cut over, move to the left and get out of the way. Which is why they do it. “But no!!!” says the highway patrol, “we want that $388.00 a pop. We don’t care if it slows down the rest of traffic because, they have to slow and stare.” Oh no! “We don’t care that it’s actually not unsafe at this entrance.” All they care about is enforcing another lame as law because they are to incompetent to catch real criminals.

This entrance in question is set up in a way, that it is entirely safe to cross that line. And if you don’t believe me, check it out for yourselves.

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Rooster said…
I'm getting this wierd feeling you're not a fan of law enforcement. Not sure why.
MGD said…
I would be if they would actually do the fucking job they are paid to do. But no! they’d rather take the easy stuff, writing tickets and sitting at Starbucks. Instead of, “To serve and protect” they should change it to, “To sit on my fat, lazy, POS ass, harassing law abiding citizens.” Of course that might be a little too long for the side of a car.