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Police Academy Dropouts #14

I found this article and just thought it was great, Bike cop's bike stolen. Even better than knowing, it was stolen, is knowing it was stolen right out in front on the station, because the officer didn’t lock it. Any kid who has ever had a bike stolen, and had to deal with the indifference by the police department when reporting it, can now rejoice as karma has provided a little payback.


Rooster said…
I have a funny story to add to this. When I was about 9 or 10 years old, my spiffy red bike was stolen. My dad and I went to report the bike stolen. The cops said most likely the bike wouldn't be retrieved, so they took me over to a rack of bikes and said, "These were never claimed by their owners - pick one and it's yours." So picked the Huffy 10-speed and went on my merry way.

About 3 weeks later, I'm riding around on my new bike when I hear someone yell at me and chase me down.

"YOU STOLE MY BIKE!!!!" The guy knocked me off my new bike, got on it and rode away. You'd think that was the end of it. Nope.

The other kid was so distracted about getting his old bike back and got caught up in taking it back, that he left his skateboard as he rode off into the sunset.

So, end result, I got myself a new skateboard. Later that year, my dad bought me a brand new bike too.
MGD said…
That’s a quality story!